About Us

Welcome to Mallo Gallery

Our goal of building heaven houses on earth started in 1962, on the hands of Mr. Joseph Mallo. It all started by applying ideas and creativity concerning wood and textile furniture into the real world. We are specialized in producing and decorating unique and smart furniture such bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, sofa sets…. That are identified and differentiated by their luxurious wood quality and unique design. Throughout the years, Mallo family was able to transfer the unique handmade furniture experience to three generations. Nowadays, the business is owned and managed by Mr. Joe Mallo.

We were known by the classy handmade modern products in the Bekaa region for more than 55 years ago. We are rich by our known “Mallo” brand and outstanding “word of mouth” from our loyal customers.

We are pleased to apply the vision of our customers into reality by customizing their needs and setting the demanded raw materials to reach our targeted furniture product design. The production process takes place in our wood and furniture factory located in Zahle which is supplied by the most advanced productive machines concerning furniture and wood decorations. Our main concern is to deliver on time, modern, comfortable and high quality furniture industries to our customers, in addition to other carpentry work. Our products and designs can be found in our gallery, which is located in Zahle -Houch El Zaraneh, and through our accounts on social media.

Our wood production sector encompasses whole house rooms such as;

  • Kitchen cabinets which are made from melanin, acrylic or hard wood
  • Doors, wall and ceiling decorations
  • Outside gardens that we work on modernizing them with unique wooden pergolas and outstanding outdoor furniture.

Our wood quality and raw materials are abstracted from oak, teak, cedar and beech trees to supply all needs and demands of our customers.


Thousands of positive feedbacks and increasing demand on our products provided us with greater pride and motivation to work more on improving our experience and expanding our industry to reach additional markets and attract additional customers in future years.